What are the best tours to India?

What are the best tours to India?
We recommend go as per your interest as India offers vast options to explore. Choose from the vast list offered in the website or reach out to us. But we definitely recommend the following tours:

  1. India – Tigers & Golden Triangle
  2. India – Luxury Train tour
  3. India’s Golden Triangle & Rajasthan
  4. Kerala with Golden Triangle
  5. India with Bhutan tour

If you’d like to see more India tours, check out our website.

Is there a dress code in India?

While major destinations have heavy influx of foreign tourists, there is no need to be dress conscious. While visiting sacred monuments and religious sites, wear covered clothing and bring along a scarf in case you need to cover your head as a sign of respect.

Do I need to speak Hindi to visit?

No, you don’t. While Hindi is India’s national language and is spoken by more than half of its citizens, English is spoken widely throughout India. In fact, most children learn English during their schooling. Many Indians in the major cities speak and understand English, and most street and shop signs are also displayed in English. After USA, India has highest English speaking population in the world.

What is the currency in India?

The Indian rupee is the official currency of India. Foreigners cannot bring Indian Rupees into the country, although you can bring foreign currency and exchange it once you arrive. Card is widely accepted mode of payments but we recommend carry small amount of cash for personal spend.

Do I need vaccinations before going to India?

It’s advisable to check with your GP before travelling as they’ll have the up to date information basis your health condition. We recommend going to GP at least 6 weeks before departing.
Don’t forget taking travel insurance before travelling.

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