A Brief Introduction –

India is known for its high-energy celebrations, incredible landmarks, and rich culture. The rich culture and religious beliefs are reflected in attractive monuments spread across country. Yes, India is a beautiful country that is known for its ancient art and culture. Visiting India makes you encounter the amalgamation of magnificent architecture of Afghans, Turks, Mughals, British, and Indian rulers. The culture here shows the essence of its lifelong history which society adopted with time. A country of incredible diversity in culture, architecture and landscape, India may need a few trips to really see it all. India is a vast country with so much to explore. India’s classic intro trip in ‘The Golden Triangle’ starting in Delhi and including the Taj Mahal is a great start. If you’re worried about crowds then cycling in Kerala or the trekking the Himalayas or biking in Ladakh offer a more relaxed introduction. We’d also recommend safaris to try and catch a glimpse of the elusive tigers. If you like longer journeys then travelling there from Ladakh, over the Himalayas in a jeep, is one of the most unforgettable trips you can go on. Be it any interest group you belong to, there is a place for you. Bag packers rejoice the economical stays and mode of transportations, while others relish the kingly/queenly treatment at palatial boutique properties across region.
If you are foodie, India offers nonrepetitive gourmet options for whole of your trip. So don’t miss trying the local cuisine!!!