Why Us?

Why Exotic India Tours??

We are Service Oriented!!!

The mission of our customer service department is to be available 24X7 all days for guests before, during and after their trip
Our company motto -to be involved, respectful, available and more importantly attentive to our guests
We start our relationship with extensive knowledge of guests and their every need

We deal only in Tailor Made tours!!!

  1. We hear guest’s requirements and design tours to their satisfaction
  2. We design and offer multiple tour choices for our Guests to choose from
  3. We keep Guests involved and educated on our every minute offerings

We are best of India Experts!!!

  1. All our tour experts have learnt through on field experience
  2. All our tour experts have vast geographical knowledge of India subcontinent
  3. The average experience of our travel experts is above 10Years

We hold Sole ownership of our offerings!!!

  1. We don’t outsource any part of tour- We maintain our committed high standards
  2. With our sales office in UK and operations office in India we are well coordinated on deliverables.
  3. Our local India team is well connected with guests 24X7 during their Tour

We commit best price and world class services!!!

  1. We don’t operate from flashy offices hence we don’t incur heavy cost…So we pass on those benefits to our Guests
  2. We believe in doing service to our nation by offering memorable trips at negligible margins