About us

About Us

With over 100 years of cumulative experience, we take pride in our mission to redefine the image of Indian subcontinent in the heart of travellers. With offices in UK and India we ensure our availability 24X7 to support you at every step in your journey.

Unlike many other tour operators, we have our own ground handling team and office in India, giving us better control over operations, as well as reduced Tour costs. We don’t deal with Group Travels for a reason, which is well explained over first interaction with Clients. Why travel in diverse group, when we can offer personalised Luxury in lesser budget.

Our founder has vast experience of setting up and running a similar tour company promoting India Subcontinent as Tourist Destination. We take pride in our professional approach, friendly demeanour, and determination to deliver an outstanding service. We start with a deep understanding of clients’ needs and aspirations.

We and our tailor-made travel experiences offer excellent value for money and firmly believe that we are the most competent quality tour operator in the UK for India and India Subcontinent (Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives & Sri Lanka)

Our advisors are a collection of experts from diverse aspects of travel covering all the interest group of travels. We have come together to be create a bigger story - the first-ever India specialist travel company worldwide.

Our biggest treasure? -Are our repeat clients, who trust us, recommend us, guide us, and travel with us with total assurance.


Our customised Indian Holidays takes you across the incredible land has to offer. That’s not all, however, as we also cater to other amazing locations on the Indian subcontinent, such as India, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, and Sri Lanka

If you are looking for the perfect tailor-made holiday, reach out to us and we will ensure memorable experience.

Our Team

Our team is our family and the factor behind our success and our consistent performance. We have the best of experts with a vast knowledge and specialised in every aspect of Tours. Like family we all working together to realise your dream vacation. Team works on companies’ core ethics – Accountability, Reliability, Passion, Authenticity & Customer focussed.